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Why Do Women Cheat

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024


There’s a great misconception that the only reason a woman would ever cheat is because her man failed and neglected her and left her needing someone else for comfort.


I have to call bullshit on that one.

Sometimes, it’s true enough…but from a guy’s point of view, that’s not always the case.And let me make this clear…this is only one guy’s point of view.


Quite a few reasons and scenarios come to my mind when I think about that question…

Why do women cheat?


Let’s start with the whole idea of having to find a soulmate.


That search for the “true soulmate” is a cruel farce that can cause much more harm than it will ever produce that soulmate.


Even just the lingering idea of a soulmate can cripple a relationship, a couple or even a marriage.


There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to find the perfect partner.

But once a woman becomes more focused on that storybook vision than on the man that she has in front of her, she’s already kicking him to the curb.


A man can’t compete with that kind of lofty expectation and can get left in the wake of her pursuit and search for that “perfect” soulmate. Moreover, most men won’t bother to compete with it. If she’s already looking for more than him, it seems like a losing bet to even try.


The sad part is that when her expectations aren’t being met, a lot of the time the man is faulted for not “knowing without being told” what she wants – or even worse – what she needs.


I shouldn’t have to tell you what I want…you should know!


She’s not being all that realistic but that doesn’t matter when she believes that perfect soulmate is out there, somewhere. After that, she can become unforgiving of any slight – even perceived slights, and it turns into a simple justification.

It does at first, but then it quickly becomes a matter of fulfilling her own desires and lusts and wants. And doing it the way she wants them.


Problem is, when you disregard the man for not meeting unknown expectations, you alienate him and push him farther away.

That’s how men are. Validation is a key aspect and if it’s taken away because he didn’t meet some fantasy standard, he’ll most likely start looking, too.


When she doesn’t understand why she wants what she wants and she doesn't understand how to get what she wants, she can create a friction that leads her directly back to those unrealistic expectations.

It will lead her directly back to the idea that she STILL has yet to find her soulmate – that one man in a million that will know how she feels without being told and will take care of her the way she believes he should.

All the while, she’s not giving much thought to the man that’s right there in front of her.


But, cool your jets!

NO…I am NOT exonerating men at all and blaming all women.

Men are just as much the cause in creating a cheating woman as the fantasy-land perfect soulmate.


Sometimes the man is intentionally inattentive and uncaring.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t think about her as much as he does himself.

Maybe it’s because he is cheating and is trying to con her into the same to take away some of the guilt he feels…and passive-aggressively force her into leaving him.

Or maybe he’s just an asshole that doesn’t know any better – or worse, doesn’t care.


It would be so much easier if people could just break up at that point, but relationships of any kind are never so neat and clean.

Maybe she’s somehow trapped with him or dependent on him to the point that she won’t even consider leaving him.

Maybe it’s about the umbrella comfort of a home or money.

Maybe there are too many safe, comfortable years together and she’s afraid of a permanent change.

In any case, if she decides to stay, she’s leaving herself little choice for lustful, carnal pleasure other than cheating on him to get it.


Everyone has a want and need to feel good.

Everyone has a want and need to get off.

And I think everyone should go after what they want and feel good about it.

Feeling good is good enough.


But it could be a deeper issue with the guy.

What if the man is unintentionally inattentive because of family and work and real-world pressures?

Maybe it’s because he grew up learning to act that way and doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.


It’s no excuse for him, but it could well push her away from him and make her feel less than she is. That’s no good. Who wouldn’t start looking for someone – anyone – to fill that void?

Again, it would be so much easier if people could just break up at that point, but it never seems all that realistic.

I wonder how many affairs and broken relationships could have been prevented by a simple conversation.


Bottom line is that a woman has cravings and hungers and lusts and if she simply cannot feed them, it’s more than likely that she’ll start searching for “something” more.

She will look to feed herself all the pleasures she craves.


And I have to believe she’ll be able to find them and find them rather quickly.


Everyone has a want and need to feel good.

Everyone has deep, wild, animal hungers and lusts and those wants can be insatiable.

Everyone should go after what they want and feel good.

Forget all the labels and scarlet letters – they really have no bearing on the modern world.

If sexual ecstasies and multiple orgasms and dangerous adventures are what you crave, then who’s to tell you different?


After all of that, it just doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks about you.


If it’s what you want, then take a bite – and a lick and a suck and a fuck while you’re at it.


Feel good about yourself and feel good for yourself.


After all, feeling good is good enough.


But when all is said and done, don’t hold it all against her…


Because she’s lonely.

Because she’s bored.

Because she’s human.

Because her body’s on fire.

Because her wants are boiling inside.

Because she needs.

Because she can.

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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