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By Frank Weber

The sun was still rising as he passed the school bus on the drive to her house.

He knew the bus number, so he knew that her kids were out of the house and on their way to school.

He hadn’t eaten anything since the afternoon of the day before. He was getting hungry.

He needed some breakfast. More than that, he needed a good breakfast.

She stood in the kitchen window watching the road that wound up around her house, watching for the first glimpse of his car to round the bend.

Her excitement grew with the sound of every engine coming close.

“Not him! Damn!”

She watched and she waited. She could barely contain herself. Her body was tingling and warming with the just the thought of his touch.

She began to unbutton her blouse, one button at time, so deliberately, so slowly, letting her fingertips rub against her chest as she went. Her breathing labored deeper, and she gasped the second that familiar vehicle came into view – his car was coming. He was coming!

Her smile was bursting and she hurriedly pulled her blouse completely open, breaking off a button or two. She didn’t care about that.

She only cared about the man that had just pulled into her driveway.

She could only think of his kiss and his scent and his hands holding her face.

She was quivering already and he wasn’t even up to the door yet!

He knocked on the door and peeked inside through the screen.

There she stood, wanting him, waiting for him.

He tried so hard to play it ‘cool’ but when the fall breeze shot through the screen and pulled her blouse open, he began to lose control. Her breasts were only partially exposed…until she pushed the sides of her blouse behind her and propped her hands on her hips. There she stood, her smile beaming, offering herself to him.

He yanked the screen door open and burst through into her kitchen.

He grabbed her up into his arms, he lifted her off the floor and held her up against him. They fell into each other’s kiss, and he breathed her into himself in one, long drawn breath.

She felt dizzy. Her head was swimming within his arms.

“Gosh, Baby! I missed you!”

One of the cutest things about her was her innocence – even at her age. She couldn’t even bring herself to say ‘God’. It had to be ‘gosh’. So cute. So adorable.

He set her down and poured himself a cup of coffee. “I missed you, too, Sweet.”

She stammered out, “Are you hungry?” He nodded and shined his warm smile.

“Good! Me, too!”

And with that, she pulled her blouse off and threw it over a kitchen chair. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to the floor. She kicked them off and left them lay on the floor under the kitchen table. She went to him.

She held his hands in her palms and slowly pushed them down over her naked body.

All over and around her breasts.

Down over hips and up between her thighs.

Holding his hands against her ass, letting his fingers squeeze her flesh.

They connected in deep and passionate kisses as he pulled his hands free and began to undress himself. Slowly lifting his shirt up and off. Slowly unbuckling his belt. She helped him unbutton his jeans and she greedily yanked at the zipper, and pushed his jeans down. He helped her and he left his jeans lay on top of hers under the table.

They stood there together, both of them naked, both of them excited and raging.

They stood there in her kitchen and she pushed him back against the counter.

They stood there in the same kitchen in which her children had just finished their breakfast and got ready for school.

They stood there in the same kitchen in which her husband finished a cup of coffee and left for work just an hour before.

But she couldn’t see any of that.

She could only see – and feel – him in front of her. That was all she wanted to know.

At that moment in time, he was all she wanted.

“I’m going to cook us some breakfast. I thought about it all morning. I want to cook and eat a naked breakfast with you!”

The two of them almost looked like a married couple, both of them naked together, making breakfast and coffee as though it was a common thing for them.

But it was the first time they had dared to even think of such a thing, especially in her house.

But now…here they were.

She began to sauté some zucchini and vegetables, and he embraced her from behind.

He ground his hips against her ass and they were a single undulating form, standing there naked in her kitchen. She could only smile and her face blushed a pinkish-red. She was so happy they were together that morning. He was all she wanted. He made her happier than anyone ever had before.

She could only think of ways to please him in return.

He wanted that, too.

She fed him a bite or two from the spoon. When she turned toward him, he grabbed the spoon and tossed it into the sink and picked her up. He turned around took her just inside the living room. He laid her back over the arm of the sofa. One hand pushed down on her belly, the other hand lifted her leg as he knelt down in front of her. And then he ate.

She couldn’t find the will to open her eyes. She didn’t want to.

She wanted these moments to last forever.

Her body shivered with every lick of his tongue and her thighs squeezed against his face.

She did not want to let him go. He would not let her go.

She felt so safe and secure within the grasp of his masculine hands.

Those hands that sandwiched her thighs and held her down beneath him.

She could feel the climax growing inside of her and she let it flow with every fiber of her body.

She could feel herself give up for him completely. She was his.

She thought, “He might not know it yet, but I am his!”

And she came to orgasm harder than she ever knew was possible.

She came uncontrollably and she filled his mouth. For a second she panicked, but his tongue never lifted and his grip never loosened and he took every drop of her into himself.

Her body was overcome with an afterglow of so many levels, she couldn’t tell left from right.

She laid there in a daze. She couldn’t even speak.

She just stared at him with an animal’s lust and a schoolgirl’s infatuation in her eyes.

He helped back to her feet and he guided her back into the kitchen. She leaned against the counter and now he stirred the vegetables and now he fed her a couple bites.

He stepped over next to her and leaned back against her side. He turned and held her face in the palm of his hand and he kissed her. Her head was spinning.

Then they heard a car pull into the driveway. She stepped up to the window, her body still flushed and naked and she took a look. “It’s just someone turning around. It’s ok.”

He turned off the stove burner and pulled her into his arms again.

He walked her into the living room and he gently helped her to lay back fully into the deep, plush sofa. He lowered his body onto hers and let his legs push hers apart. She could feel him between her legs, growing harder with every push against her inner thighs. And then he straightened his body and she felt him probing her, finding his was inside.

Both of their bodies began to slowly gyrate to the soft music playing in the background, and he began to slide inside of her. Little by little, he pushed in deeper. Her gasps filled his ears and his face was bathed in her hot breath, all of it growing more intense with every pulse of him inside her. Every push of him going deeper inside her.

The simple, gentle pushes became deeper and harder thrusts.

Not violent. Not forceful. Just harder.

She could feel his passion – and she could feel his cock – growing larger and throbbing inside of her with every thrust. She could feel his body shudder and she could feel that he was close.

She clawed into his back and she pulled him tighter against her.

She purposefully breathed puffs of her hot breath into his ear.

“Cum, Baby. Cum in me. Fill me. Give me all you have. Stay inside me.”

From her words, he could no longer control himself and he lifted her leg up by the ankle and he came deep inside of her. With every powerful thrust he filled her more.

She didn’t think it would end. He kept going. She hoped it never would end.

She closed her eyes, and thought to herself, “Fill me, Baby. Fill me with your cum. I want all of you inside me and with me. Fill me.”

They laid there for a little while, their legs crossing over each other’s bodies, her fingers tracing every contour of his body she could reach. Both laid there contented and happy.

She could only whisper out, “Ohhhhhh, Baby.” He said nothing. He only smiled at her.

He helped her up and they went back to the kitchen.

They drank some coffee and they grabbed a few more bites from the skillet.

He took her hand and he led her to the bathroom. She was in a daze and her legs were rubbery.

She wore a silly, schoolgirl grin that she just could not wipe off.

He turned on the tub water and ran the shower until the bathroom was filled with thick, steamy clouds.

He stepped into the shower and held out his hand for her to join him.

She took his hand and stepped inside with him.

He held her body up against the wall and gently washed her, thick suds of soap gliding all over her skin, swirling around on the floor of the tub.

She was in Heaven and her head was swimming. She no longer had any control.

The thought of her husband coming home crept into her mind and she just as quickly brushed it aside. She would just as easily brush him aside. He never did anything for her. He never gave her these simple pleasures. She didn’t want him. Let him come home!

They were still dripping wet as they made their way back to the living room, toweling themselves bit by bit as they went.

He grabbed her arm and stopped her before they got to the sofa.

He stopped her in the middle of the huge braided throw rug in the middle of the floor.

“Stop here. Get down on the floor.”

She did as he told her and he knelt down next to her so they moved together.

He laid on his back he told her to get on top of him. She began to straddle his legs and he stopped her.

He whispered, “No. Turn around and get on top of me. Smother me.”

She blushed. For all her experience, she had never done anything like this before. Just the thought of it excited her beyond belief. She straddled his shoulders and she slid down onto his waiting tongue. She could feel his cheeks on the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

He held her body on him. He squeezed her ass above him.

He held her down on his face and his mouth and his tongue.

His tongue played with her and was inside of her and licked and lapped at her like a starving, ravenous animal.

He slid his middle finger into her ass and slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper, but only as much as her body would accept it. Always gentle. Never too forceful.

Never once did she feel any pain. He made her pleasure his only want.

She could only feel an unbridled ecstasy growing inside of her. This was all so foreign and yet so exciting. She never had a man’s tongue like this, in this position. She never had anything in her ass. The thought had never occurred to her – before him. Now it was all she could think about. She tried to lift up as she felt herself begin to cum, but he held her down against his face and he would not let her go.

She gave up trying and she let her mind soar and her heart pounded harder and she came with a ferocity and a zest and relentless explosion she never knew she could create and feel.

He gave her that gift there on that rug.

He released his grip and she collapsed over him and pulled herself up against the sofa. She was still breathing too heavy to speak and sat there shaking her head, wearing that dazed and drunken childlike grin on her lips.

He laid there on the rug watching her breathe. He laid there admiring every bit of this woman.

She knew in that moment – as she sat there staring at him – that she had fallen hopelessly in love with this man.

He knew in that moment – as he laid there staring back at her – that her husband would be returning soon and he had to leave very soon.

The stars never left her eyes. Such joyful tears would drop from them every so often as she watched him get dressed, and her thoughts were awash in all she saw for them together – in their new life together. It was all she could see.

They kissed goodbye and she stood there in the kitchen window and watched him drive back down around the bend. Long after he had driven out of sight, she still stood there reliving every second of their day together and seeing and craving their future together.

He got home and took a long, hot, steamy shower and he made it last forever.

He revitalized himself and he got dressed.

He turned on the TV and made himself a drink and smoked a cigarette as he watched the evening news. When it was over, he turned off the TV. He grabbed up his keys and his phone. He turned off the lights on his way out the door.

It was a new night.

There were new people to meet tonight.

There was always a new woman to meet at night.

He went out into that night renewed with the hopeful, fresh eyes of a young man.

About Frank Weber:

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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