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Safety in Sin

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

Copyright ©2024

You entered, looking for safety, unaware

I’m navigating a high wire act,

Alert for those who lay down self-control

At finger-snappings of an enchantress.

Come push and shove your way towards the platform

,Await the crowded train of temptation.

I’ll suck you into tunnels thick with sin.

Until you met my lips, you swam adrift,

Became incapable of vanishing.

About LindaAnn LoSchiav:

A native New Yorker, Elgin Award winner LindaAnn LoSchiavo is a member of British Fantasy Society, HWA, SFPA, and The Dramatists Guild. Current books: "Messengers of the Macabre," "Apprenticed to the Night," "Vampire Ventures."

Forthcoming: "Cancer Courts My Mother" (Penumbra, May 2024) and “Always Haunted: Hallowe’en Poems” (Wild Ink, October 2024).

Seeking a home for an oven-ready erotic poetry chapbook "Eros and His Entourage."

Twitter: @Mae_Westside

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