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Shoreline Rendezvous

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2023

She didn’t even realize she was speeding. She barely remembered that she was driving.

She had other things on her mind. More important things on her mind.

Well, only one thing on her mind.

One man on her mind.

The man she was going to meet down on the deserted beaches.

She pulled over into a gas station parking lot to collect herself.

She was almost there, but it wouldn’t be much fun if she got pulled over or drove herself into a ditch.

How would she explain that to her husband?

She just sat there watching the crunchy leaves flit around her car in the autumn breeze.

She couldn’t remember being this flustered over a guy since she was in high school.

Her head was floating in the clouds today.


It was late into October and the beaches were now all but deserted.

No one around but a few runners and maybe a couple dog walkers.

Maybe one or two cars just driving around to pass the time.

Maybe a few meandering deer or wild turkeys out on beach-break or crossing the empty roads.

No matter what, there wasn’t anyone of consequence that would pay them any attention or even notice them.

She was comfortable with that.

And so was he.

He got there a little while before the time they decided, so he could have a moment to himself in the peace and quiet of the empty shoreline. He parked his car, locked it up and wandered through the small patch of trees and out onto the shoreline.

He spooked a pair of deer getting sips of water down in the water.

He smiled as he watched them silently and effortlessly bound away into the trees. It gave him a warm feeling to see nature that way. It put even more of a shine on this morning for him.

He wasn’t really anxious or even worried about their shoreline rendezvous, but he knew he felt good about it. He looked forward to seeing her.

He looked forward to their first embrace under the October sun.

He looked forward to their first kiss that morning and so many more as they walked through the ankle-deep water of the shore.

He made his way back to his car to wait for her.

Her car pulled around the bend and he knew it was her the second he saw it.

He felt his heart pound a little with his growing excitement.

His blood was coursing now and he leaned back against his car, crossed his arms and smiled at her.

He was already getting hard just looking at her – and they hadn’t even touched yet.

She hopped out of her car, almost tripping and falling in her excitement.

She couldn’t hold back the shining smile she had for him and she let him see all of it.

She ran to him and he stepped forward, arms open to catch her.

Their hug was a pressure-relief that stunned them both. It felt like their embrace lasted for hours.

She pulled her head back just enough for her lips to find his and they kissed with such a deep passion and heat that she could feel him growing harder against her.

He could feel her heat growing against him.

They let their hands wander over each other’s bodies, clutching and caressing any spot of bare flesh they could find. He slid his fingers inside her blouse and let them run wild over her skin.

He pulled at her bra strap, but didn’t loose it…not yet. He just lifted it enough that his fingertips could brush against her hardened nipples, and he excited her even more. She fell deeply into his kisses, deeply into his arms. She was falling deeper for him with every flick of his tongue on hers. He had already fallen for her, and he wanted her to play with him.

And he wanted them to have fun together.

He took her hand in his and guided her at his side and they walked through the foam of the water breaks.


They never talked about her husband or his wife, but they were always a consideration.

They had to be. Neither of them was ready to leave their marriages, but days like these were not made for such talk. These days – these shoreline rendezvous – were made for them to enjoy.

They only wanted to play and they only wanted fun and they only wanted excitement.

They only wanted each other with a naked, wild, primal lust.

Even though they both felt it stronger in each other than anyone they ever met, neither of them would use the word ‘love’. Not yet. It didn’t seem to fit and somehow, it didn’t feel right.

Not yet.

But the day was coming when that final escape hatch would blow open and then they would be together.

That’s how they felt in these stolen moments of animalistic lust and sexual abandon.


He couldn’t hold it in any longer, he swung her around in front of him and pulled her close to his face and kissed her deeply in her mouth. Her head fell back in his arms. And she kissed him back just as deep into his tongue. His hands pressed their way down to her ass and he clutched her softly rounded cheeks in his palms. She let out a sigh and a moan. She slid her hand around his leg and grabbed his hardened cock through his jeans. She caressed him and gently squeezed his balls and she buried her tongue deeper into his mouth.

He pushed her back to see directly into her eyes. He saw her love for him, but he still tried to mask the love he felt for her. If anything, letting her see that scared him. But he quickly forgot all those tangled thoughts and he nodded toward the trees. He pulled her with him, back up into the trees between the water and their cars. She stumbled along behind him, her hand still in his, giggling like a little girl, flushed with visions of him inside her.

He leaned back against the widest tree he could find and he pulled her close to him.

He rested his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her downward, down to her knees in front of him.

She rubbed his legs and she rubbed his hardness with her hands and her cheeks.

He unbuckled his jeans and let her pull his cock out with her fingers, grabbing it with her tongue. Her hands pushed his jeans down to the ground as she took him fully into her mouth. She slid him over her tongue and through her pursed wet lips, in and out in a gentle pulse, a playful suck on the tip at the end of each stroke. She took him as deep into her throat as she could go.

Never a choke, never a care. Her only care was the want to please this man standing over her.

He loosely held her head in his hands as she sucked on him.

His eyes rolled back. His head fell back.

All vision was gone and all he knew was the velvety enveloping sensation of her mouth as she devoured him.

He couldn’t hold back any longer and she could feel the pulsing heat growing in her mouth and she sucked harder. She sucked faster. She sucked him in deeper.

She made him cum with one last deep throat of his cock and clutch of his balls and he filled her mouth. She kept on sucking him until he was dry and her mouth felt so beautifully excruciating that he had to grab her head and pull her back. He couldn’t take it any longer.

She licked her lips and sighed her total satisfaction. She felt so good when she could make him feel that good. She stood up and kissed him deep in the mouth. He kissed her back with as much passion.

She said, “I’m so happy you still want to kiss me after I swallow you! He won’t ever do that!”

He smiled and said, “Why would I not kiss you? You just did something so selfless – just for me – just to make me happy. Of course, I’m going to kiss you!”

And he pulled her even harder against his lips and tongue.

Her head was still spinning as he led her back to his car.


She had just sucked him into a soul-stealing orgasm, but she was the one stumbling. She was floating so high that she couldn’t feel her feet in the gravel and sand or the crunch of the leaves. He held her and helped her into the backseat of his car. She watched him lock and close her door and come around the car to the other side.

She slid into the corner of the seat and spread her legs for him as he got in.

He reached over the seats and started the car so they could have music and air conditioning.

It was about to turn glowing-white-hot inside that car.


He turned back to her and laid across her open legs. Now her heat was pulsating and he could feel it through her capris. He laid his full weight on top of her and they kissed as his hand felt its way between her thighs.

He could feel the dampened heat of her body. Her scent was intoxicating and he let himself get drunk on it.

She pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra, but she let his hands remove it.

His hands inched up into the cups and pushed them aside and he lowered his face to her chest.

He laid his cheek against her pounding heart and the rhythm of her pulse excited him more.

He could feel the love she held for him in every breath.

She cried out when he took her nipple into his lips and sucked and nibbled on it.

He moaned when he took so much of her breast into his mouth.

He sucked harder and harder on her nipple and dragged his sopping tongue across her chest to taste her other breast.

Back and forth, he sucked and squeezed and bit and enjoyed every inch of her breasts.

They were his. And he was starving for more of her body.

He leaned back and pushed her thighs together.

He pushed the fingers of both hands into the waist of her pants and panties and slowly pulled them down, kissing her belly and licking her bare skin as he went.

He pushed them down to the floor and she kicked them off.

He spread her bare, inviting legs apart and his tongue flicked at her. His tongue licked in her.

His tongue licked every spot of her pussy, sucking on it. Licking it. His mouth filled with the taste of her as she became more and more excited.

She never came in his mouth before and it worried her a little.

She never told him how she came when she got this hot, but something in the greedy way he ate her told her that he wanted her to come in his mouth.

And she did.

His mouth never moved from her and he licked and sucked up all her body offered to him.

She was in ecstasy and she could barely handle such a fierce orgasm and she tried to make him stop. He didn’t stop. He would not stop. He paused for only a second – just long enough for her to catch her breath and then he went down on her again.

He started slowly and his hunger grew deeper and now she could feel it happening again.

She gave up trying to stop him and gave in to his tongue and his mouth.

She screamed when she came the second time and her thighs locked tight around his face.

She never came like that before.

She never came on a man’s tongue twice in so short a time.

He lifted his eyes to meet hers and they smiled at each other.

She was instantly in love with the hungering glimmer in his eyes.

She was instantly in love with his hunger for her.

He laid his cheek on her inner thigh and let her rest as he caressed her skin and kissed that tender flesh.

She laid her head back against the seat and sighed so contentedly that he grew even harder.

He climbed back up on her, pushing her legs apart with his as he came to rest over her.

He leaned to kiss her and she closed her eyes, wanting his kiss.

But as their lips touched, he slid inside of her and her whole body convulsed and gripped him.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and back and she pulled him into her.

He pushed himself inside of her, so slowly at first, but each stroke grew stronger than the last and each stroke became an even more powerful thrust into her.

Her moans grew louder. She gasped and rocked with him to the rhythm of his cock penetrating so deep inside her.

She could barely speak, but she whispered, “Please stay inside of me. Please don’t pull out. Please…”

The want for him in her voice engorged him and he could no longer control himself.

In his final thrusts, he came inside of her.

He didn’t stop until he could cum no more.

He exhausted himself inside of her.

They laid together in the back seat of his car, still entwined in arms and legs, and he was still inside of her. She kissed him and he grew hard again. His steady rhythmic pulse began again and she took all he could give her.

This time was much longer and she felt the cum growing inside her wanting to let loose for him.

She felt him swell and she knew he was so close – and just the thought brought her to an such an exquisite orgasm and at almost the same time. And they came together.

Now they had totally exhausted each other.

They held each other in these waning moments of total, indescribable and inseparable bliss.


It seemed as though hours had passed and the sun was beginning its dip into the horizon.

The October sunset came so much faster than even a week ago.

Each of them had to go back to their own lives now. Neither of them wanted to ever leave that embrace, but they knew they had to go.

This shoreline rendezvous could not last forever. They knew that.

He helped her get dressed and then he dressed himself.

They got out of the car to stretch and breathe some of that fresh sea air.

Neither of them was willing to let go of their goodbye kiss and hug until finally, he pushed them apart.

He saw in her eyes exactly what she was feeling and exactly what she wanted to say, but he stopped her with a finger over her lips.

“No. You can’t say it. Not yet. And neither can I. We can’t. Not yet.”

“I know. You’re right. We can’t…not yet…but one day soon? Maybe?”

“One day very soon. There’s no maybe about it. One day very soon.”

He felt so bad when he saw tears welling in her eyes, but he could not be swayed.

He would not say the words she so desperately wanted to hear.

Those words she so desperately craved to hear from him and only him.

She wiped away the tears, kissed him one last time, turned and went to her car.

She got in, started it up and just sat there.

She thought to herself, “Maybe he’ll come over and say it anyway? Maybe?

He smiled at her and gave her a subtle wave, but he did not go to her.

He did not say another word.

Her tears began to flow as she watched him walk back out to the beach without her.

She cleaned off her face and got herself adjusted and drove out onto the road, all the while watching him in her mirrors until he was gone from sight.

But now it was time for her to go home and cook dinner for her husband and listen to everything that happened to him today. Every boring, mind-numbing detail of his day.

But she didn’t hear a word of what he said.

Her thoughts swam around their next rendezvous.

Her thoughts were filled with him.

And the hope that maybe – just maybe – that would be the time for her…

that would finally be the time for them.

About Frank Weber:

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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