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sleep beside you

By Laughton J. Collins, Jr.

Copyright ©2024

tonight i will 

     sleep beside you— 

as i always do 

     but this time 

i won’t dream 

     of the others— 

who never 

     slept beside me 

and always 

     left me alone— 

instead i will 

     close my eyes— 

and take 

     the darkness in 

i’ll sleep beside you 

     and wrap myself 

in your skin— 

About Laughton J. Collins, Jr.

Laughton J. Collins, Jr. was born in the 20th century but currently lives in the 21st century. He is originally from Georgia but currently lives in Seattle, WA. His poetry has been published in various magazines and anthologies including Resurrection Magazine in March 2024. His book ghost riders in the sky and other lines was published in November 2023.

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