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Taking His Lead

by Tammy Moore

I was immersed in my reading, God knows for how long, it was so long that I was reading sitting in the same position, that when I remembered to adjust my reading posture, I felt some cramps in my body, due to being in the same position for a long time. Reading made me forget the place where I was, and I had also forgotten the people around the waiting room at the boarding gate of the flight we were all waiting for, for an international airport, there was not much bustle around. When I took the book out of my field of vision, before crossing my legs and settling my back, to go back to reading, I saw in the row of chairs located at the other end of the room, in front of me, a man staring at me, his penetrating look surprised me, it was like a hunter watching his prey before shooting a dart, I tried to ignore him, but as much as I could, his gaze fixed on me, made me feel intimidated, but at the same time that individual awakened my curiosity.

The man in question was very tall, his legs extended and his long arms gave the impression of being almost two meters tall, he was wearing blue jeans, and a long sleeve black shirt half-buttoned at the chest, a pale white complexion, with a well-trimmed black hair, the deepest black hair I had ever seen, his features were fine, his face well proportioned, he looked like a high fashion model, but his seriousness and severe appearance gave him the air of a law worker. I tried to pretend I wasn't detailing him, and settled my book back in front of my face, mostly to avoid looking at him again. I could not concentrate on reading again, I could feel his gaze invading my whole body, although I was no longer reading, I felt a little safe with the book in front of my face, interrupting my field of vision. I don't know how much time elapsed until finally, the airport megaphone sounded the boarding call for my flight, so I took my hand luggage, without letting go of the book, and I stood up as fast as I could from my chair, avoiding to look at the line in front of me, but it was useless, because when I was on my way to the passenger line, I quickly looked at that line, I wanted to make sure we were not going to go on the same plane, I wished that his flight was another one. But I did not see him, I made a visual sweep of the whole area to see if I saw him, but fortunately, I did not see him again, I got ready to make the passenger line and following the airport protocols, we all entered the plane.

Apparently, everyone had already boarded the plane, I was in the window seat, it was not full, and there were many empty seats, including the one on my right. The crew was already taking their places and I assumed a comfortable position to relax during the flight, when suddenly, the last passenger of the flight enters, tall and imposing, pale as a vampire, impossible to miss among the people, walking down the narrow aisle inside the plane, towards the empty seat on my right, suddenly making eye contact with me. I could see a smile appear on his face as he realized that he would be flying next to me, my nerves prevented me from showing any reaction. That mysterious man watching me was truly beautiful.

"Nice to meet you, I am Damian, if we are going to spend several hours on the same flight, at least we could talk for a while, to kill time" -Said the man suddenly once we took flight about thirty minutes later, I didn't answer-.

"Of course, if you wish, beautiful lady" -Continued the man shaking his hand towards me-.

I had no choice but to answer his greeting as a courtesy, shaking my hand as well, introducing myself.

"I am Rosa, a pleasure" -I finally answered-.

"The pleasure is mine, Rosa, I have seen you sitting in the waiting room and you are the bearer of a charming beauty, your partner is very lucky" -said the man-.

"I am single, by my own choice, of course" -I lied-.

And the reason for my trip was to get away from my depression due to the breakup of my last relationship, which had left me with a very bitter taste, I was traveling to my mother's house, to spend a couple of months visiting my hometown, to forget Rodrigo, with whom I had ended a relationship of two and a half years.

The mysterious observant man turned out to be a very nice gentleman, his stern man attitude changed, and we engaged in a quite pleasant conversation, he told me about his life, praising my beauty every time he had the opportunity, which made me feel good.

"I confess that I felt a little intimidated in the waiting room, when I caught you staring at me, I thought you might be a stalker or something like that" -I confessed- "The truth is that you had me mesmerized, your beautiful blond hair, your long contoured legs, your delicate hands, and excuse me, but sincerity is something that characterizes me" -I answered.

"The truth is that you had me mesmerized, your beautiful blonde hair, your long contoured legs, your delicate hands, and excuse me, but sincerity is something that characterizes me" -He answered-.

Several days later, Damian phoned me, I thought that the casanova of the plane would not call me, and I had forgotten, he apologized that due to work issues, he had not had the opportunity to call, and I accepted his apology. We arranged to meet in a park that afternoon.

The walk was nice, we visited some museums, and we arranged to meet again, we went out for several weeks, I ended up liking his personality, and I think he liked mine. One night, we were having a few beers in a bar, chatting pleasantly.

"Today I want you to come with me" -Damian said-.

I nodded immediately, although that sounded like an order. We arrived at his apartment, and it was a very cozy place, nicely decorated and well laid out, for a single man. We had several glasses of a very delicious wine that he had uncorked for the occasion.

"Come, I want to show you something," Damian said, taking my hand and leading me to a room that was double-locked.

The inside of the room was painted black, with leather furniture, metal shelves painted black, with erotic accessories everywhere, I felt overwhelmed, I have knowledge about erotic toys and fantasies, but I had never been so close to something like that, but, on the other hand, I felt excited, that room had awakened something in me.

"If you agree, I close the door and I will give you the best pleasure of your life, if not, you can leave, and nothing has happened, okay?" -He said-

I was mute for a few minutes after that proposal, then I stepped back to the threshold of the door, and closed it, staying with him inside. Damian ordered me to undress, he told me that I would be his submissive that night, that he would be my master, he told me that the keyword to stop him was; jail. I nodded and dressed in a black leather outfit, with a mask that covered my whole face, the tight suit marked my whole figure, which turned me on too much. Damian made me kneel on the floor, he took a whip and whipped my buttocks, and I moaned like a cat, feeling the pleasure of the pain, and my whole body tingled with an impressive tingling. The whippings were strong, for several minutes. Then Damian began to undress, releasing a huge erect cock, hard as an oak. Then he stood in front of me, while I was still on my knees, and made me swallow every inch of his huge cock, engulfing it like I had never done before. My pussy was already wet, ready for penetration, but Damian, laid me down on the floor, with my face in profile on the floor, and then put his right foot on my face, stepping on me, pressing me to the floor, while he masturbated.

Damian punished me like a slut for quite a long time, I had never lived that experience as a submissive, the excitement invaded my whole body, being on the verge of multiple orgasms at all times. Damian fucked my vagina with his huge cock on a kind of black leather couch, ramming me, until I was exhausted, exhausted, I experienced three orgasms during the penetration, while he slapped me, and hit me with the whip, I never reached my limit, the submission had me ecstatic. Until Damian ejaculated a copious amount of cum all over me. Then he lay down on my exhausted body, hugging me, and we stayed like that for a long time. And that's how I entered the life of submissive and master, with a man I had crossed once in an airport, finally, I was the prey that beautiful hunter got.

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