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Valentine Treat 💘

By Jade Wilson

Copyright 2024

Text from Leo " I'm on my way to your home since Mum isn't home."

 "You got all these for me babe?" Anne asked with a teary eye.

"You even got me my favorite chocolate bar and a whipped cream. Leo, you didn't have to." Anne said.

"You deserve all these and more baby. This is the least I could get you for Valentine's day. "Leo said.

She leaned in for a hug, She gripped him on his shoulders so hard. Leo immediately got the signal, that she wanted something more. She wanted to have him.

He immediately pushed her back against the bed, his lips attacking hers as he thrusts her hands above her head pinning them against the bed. His tongue invaded her mouth as she moaned into him.

Soon he was seducing her mouth, stroking her bottom lip, the top lip, teasing the crease.

Over and over again, he gave her a brief taste of salt and heat, and then retreated. Without consciously deciding to do it, she sealed her mouth with his and touched her tongue to his. His taste flooded her senses. Butterflies exploded in her stomach and sped through her veins.

He sucked on her bottom lip and laved the sensitized skin before taking her mouth again. The room began spinning, and she realized she’d forgotten to breathe.

Coming up for air, Anne said, “Oh my God, you taste good.”

He slowly pulled off her Shirt and worked his hands to unhook her bra. Anne had the type of nipples that stood erected 24/7, rain or sunshine, winter or summer, she had pornstar nipples and Leo wanted them so much.

He cupped dainty breasts in his palms and pinched the nipples. Her breath broke, and she gazed down at her chest. With his tanned hands on her pale skin and her decadent nipples captured between his fingers, it was an erotic sight, indeed. He could not resist pinching her again and enjoying her sharp intake of breath. “Why does it feel so good when you do that?” The wonder in her voice had him grinning.

"Want to try something new?" Leo asked with a naughty grin on his face as he reached for the Whip cream.

He sprayed a portion in-between her tits and some on her nipples. Leo ran his tongue from her navel up to the whip cream. Anne released a soft moan.

He used his tongue to draw circles around her nipples sucking on each of them.

He ran his tongue back down to Anne's navel and slowly pulled down her skirt. He used his teeth to drag off her g string pants.

He reached out to the leather for the long chocolates he bought. He tore one out of its leather and slowly inserted it inside her already wet pussy.

Her clitoris immediately clenched to it, she let out a soft moan. He kept on thrusting it in her and returning it back out slowly so it doesn't break in her forming a rhythmic pattern.

He carries the strawberry and bites a little portion out and stuffs the rest in her mouth.

He bends her over and slaps her butt cheeks hard with his hard tanned hands. She lets out muffled noises.

They start hearing footsteps approaching and they start panicking as they hurriedly get dressed.

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