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You Can’t Ever Get It Back

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024



He sat there at the kitchen table rubbing his forehead, staring at his phone.

He was waiting for the ‘punchline’.


A new friend request came up from a name he hadn’t even spoken out loud for over ten years.

And it was followed by a couple emails from the same name.

She wanted to reconnect – after all these years – she wanted to reconnect with him.


He remembered her well.

He also remembered the cold brush-off she gave him the last time he saw her.

She called him late at night and asked him to meet her at ‘their’ bar for a couple drinks…“Oh, and will you pick me up a couple packs of cigarettes on your way? I’m low on cash.


He got up, got dressed and stopped on his way and bought her cigarettes.

In the back of his mind he knew exactly what was about to happen. He knew it all too well.

If she does it to me again, I’m gone.


He had to search the bar, but he finally found her in the back room, playing darts with two guys he did not know. The taller one had his hands all over her ass when she pulled away to skip up and snatch the cigarettes from his hand.

Thanks, Baby! Do you wanna play with me and my new friends?

The taller man didn’t say a word and stood there, expecting the worst.

She went over to her new friend and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She glared back at him, waiting for him to explode on her.

She did it again.

But she did it to him for the last time.

It didn’t bother him at all that this little, lily-white piece of trailer trash had latched onto some new hulking black man.

The only thing that bothered him was that he let it keep happening – he let her do it to him every goddamn time.

No mas.


He turned his back to her and on his way out yelled back,

Hope you have fun on her…but sorry to tell you, she’s not that good. Wear a rubber.


He could barely hear her screech that shrill, “Fuck You!” at him, but by then, it didn’t matter.

He was gone into the night and he was free of her for the price of two packs of cigarettes.

He didn’t even feel bad about it. He was sort of relieved, actually.

Good fucking riddance!


That dark, rainy night was more than ten years ago, and here she was, back again, probably broke and looking for a handout.

She was actually trying to make nice after all this time…after all she did to him, trying to make nice. The fucking nerve!


Still, he was curious. And now, he was a different man. He was a different kind of man.

He never felt so much in control of his world.


He answered her.


She rambled on like a stammering child once he said ‘hello’.

She was so sorry about the past.

She’s grown older and “a lot smarter”.

She wanted his friendship again – that’s all – just his friendship.

Well…maybe, if things do happen, they could have a lot more than friendship.

She told him she would give him anything he wanted more than friendship.


He was in the middle of a dry spell, so he figured, “Why not? A nut’s a nut.

Besides, he was a different man now. He let out a cold and dry, “Sure. Why not?

She giggled and said, “Ooohhh…that’s why I’m still in love with you!


Bullshit”, he thought to himself.

If she’s giving it up, I’ll get all I can, but she’s not getting any money and she’s not getting a place to crash and she’s not getting a chauffeur.

If she was going to get on her knees for him, there’s was only one thing he was willing to give her. Two weeks later, she got on her knees for him and he gave her exactly that.


They had messaged off-and-on, back-and-forth for two weeks when she finally said, “Come out to my house and have coffee with me. We can go for a walk down by the beach.

He knew what this meant, but he went to her house, anyway.


They drank a few coffees and talked at her kitchen table.

She reached out and gently caressed his hand while they talked, and he let her.

He wanted pull away, but still, he let her.

Her smile grew wider and her tone became more bubbly and she began rubbing her ankle against his leg.

He abruptly stood up and pushed her hand back to her.


Let’s go out for that walk down by the beach.


She popped up out of her chair. “Ok, Baby! Anything for you!

Bullshit”, he thought to himself.


The beach was secluded and empty, not really a beach but more of a sandy clearing on the water’s edge. It was quiet and all of the brush made the air thick and warm.


She jumped up against him and threw her arms around him and kissed him with full mouth and tongue. She pulled her face back just enough to look into his eyes and said, “I missed you so much, Baby. I’m falling for you all over again.


He thought to himself, “She doesn’t have to work me so hard. She gonna get some.

And they kissed more and as they kissed, he pushed her hands down his body and held her open palm against his cock. It didn’t matter how he felt about her, he was hard as rock now and she was squeezing and clutching him through his jeans.


He unbuckled and unzipped his jeans and led her hands into his pants. She gasped and moaned when she took him full in her hands. He pushed his jeans down over his hips and she pulled them down to his ankles as she fell to her knees in front of him.

And there she knelt in front of him.

On her knees for him.

Ready to please him.

She looked up with doe’s eyes and a smile.

He held the back of her head in one hand and his cock in the other and he slid into her mouth.

He pushed into her throat as far as he could, pulling her head toward him as he pushed himself in. And then he let go of her head and let her take over.


She sucked and licked his cock. She cradled his balls in one hand and stroked his cock with the other, with every gulp over her tongue. He kept resisting the urge to cum. He wanted to get all he could get from her. He kept thrusting in and out of her mouth. She choked a little. She gasped for air a little but she didn’t care and neither did he. “Take all of me. Suck me. Keep sucking me.

The dirty talk got her even more excited and she started to rub herself as she sucked.

She didn’t stop sucking him.


And then without any warning he came into her mouth.

Still, she had already tasted him getting closer.

It’s hard to surprise a ‘girl’ like her, but he enjoyed that shock anyway.

He filled her mouth and she loudly swallowed every drop he gave her.

She sucked him more, with long, slow drags of her tongue up and down the shaft until he finally stopped her with a grab of her hair in his fingers.


He took a step back, pulled his jeans back up and buckled them closed.

She still knelt in the sand waiting for him to help her.

He took his time reaching for her, but he helped her up and wiped off her chin and lips.

Let’s go back to your house. I wanna lay down for a couple hours. That ok by you?


She whispered, “Anything for you, Baby” and they made their way back up the trail to her house.


They got inside and she grabbed a bottle of whisky and two glasses. She poured them each a drink and they both shot them down. She refilled the glasses and said, “Don’t get comfortable out here. Let’s go lay down in my bedroom.” She held out her hand for him, he took it in his and followed her into her bedroom.


She pushed the door shut. “In case my daughter comes home early.


He dropped down on her bed and stretched out and got himself comfortable.


She batted her eyes and said sheepishly, “Do you mind if I get undressed? I can’t sleep with clothes on – you know that.” He only nodded.


She wasted no time stripping down to bare skin and she climbed into bed, laying against him.

He tried so hard to stay calm and collected but her flesh felt so good as he squeezed and caressed it that he began to lose his control.


You can get naked, too, Baby…only if you want to, I mean.


He moved her to the side and stood up and undressed for her. Not a strip, necessarily, but she was loving the show anyway. He was once again granite-hard and throbbing. She reached out for him and led him back into her bed by the cock.

He laid back down and she laid almost completely on top of him, slowly stroking him base to tip, licking and biting his neck as she went.


She slid her leg a little farther and a little farther and soon she had straddled him.

His cock was pressed tight against her pussy, but he was not yet inside her.

She reached down and felt her way to get him inside.

He flinched a little.

Is it ok? I really want to feel you inside me again, Baby. Please.?


He let his head fall back on the pillow and gave up all resistance and she fed his cock to her pussy.

He let her fuck him.

She went wild with his body.

She fucked him hard.

She bent down and pecked his nipples in her teeth.

She leaned back as she fucked him and grabbed his ankles behind her to force him against her clit. She began to moan and she cried out in gasps and squeaks.


He let her fuck him, but he was only there to cum – nothing more than that. He knew that now. He had no feelings left for her and just that realization emboldened him and hardened him more.

He squeezed her hips and helped her body rock. He moaned a little for effect.

He pulled her hips downward and held her there so he was no longer sliding in and out.

Now he was grinding inside of her.

He had an animalistic glare in his eyes.

And then he came as hard as that wild animal inside of him.

He held her down so she couldn’t get away and he filled her.

The motion stopped and he released his grip, but she didn’t move. She couldn’t move.

He made her cum with him and she was basking in it.

He felt her body shudder and convulse when she came but he ignored it.


She rolled over and took a drink of whisky. She rolled back and laid against him.


She lit him a cigarette and pushed it into his lips. He bit into it and smoked but never said a word.


What’s wrong, Baby? You look like something’s wrong. Everything’s ok. I am REALLY falling for you now!


He blew a huge gust of smoke at the ceiling and sighed.


He turned to her and said, “Did you get what you wanted?


I did.” Giggle. Giggle.


Good. This time, so did I. Twice.” This startled her and it showed in her eyes.

Something about his tone scared her and worried her.


I hope you’re not worried ‘cause you came inside me…you’re safe, I can’t get pregnant.

But it felt so good to cum with you again. It felt sooooo good!


I didn’t ask. I don’t give a shit if you do get pregnant.

He got up and wiped himself off on her sheets.

He started getting dressed.

He snuffed out his cigarette and pulled on his sweatshirt.


If you did cum, I couldn’t tell. I’ll have to take your word for it.


His tone was angered and cold now and the tears began to well-up in her eyes, but he was no longer looking at her.


I have to go meet some friends to play darts.


Are you going to call me later, Baby?


Don’t know…depends on how drunk I get…depends on whether-or-not I need you to buy me cigarettes. If I feel like a fuck later tonight, I’ll call you.


Why are you acting like this? What did I ever do to you?” He did not respond to that question.


I’m in love with you!” she screamed. “You are my soulmate!


He turned to face her. “No, you’re not. And no, I’m not. You lived the life you wanted to and you got all you could and now that you ran out of suckers to leech off of, you say you’re suddenly in love with me again? Are you kidding?”


You flicked me away all those years ago just so you could fuck around. I guess I wasn’t fun enough for you. And now I am?


He walked around the bed and picked up her pack of cigarettes, lit one for himself and put the pack in his pocket. As he closed the bedroom door behind, he said, “You kicked me to the curb and you lost it and guess what, Babe? You can’t ever get it back.


He could hear her sobbing, but he couldn’t hold back the relief in his widening smile as he walked out her front door for the last time.

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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